Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Second-year courses

In the past some people have come here for information about the Rochester Ph.D. program, which I am generally happy to provide. In that spirit, let me list of the fields the department is offering this year. One is required to pass two fields of specialization, which typically consist of two courses and a comprehensive exam taken in the summer. This year, the options are:

Theory I -- William Thomson's two courses
Theory II -- Pick two of Paulo Barelli, Gabor Virag, and John Duggan
International -- Ron Jones, Mark Aguiar (1/2), Alan Stockman (1/2)
Macro -- Jay Hong, William Hawkins (1/2), Yongsung Chang (1/2)
Econometrics -- Sanjog Misra (Simon School), Bin Chen
Labor -- Josh Kinsler, Cateno
Political Economy -- John Duggan, Mark Fey
IO -- Minjae Song (Simon School), Gabor Virag

I'm signed up for Macro/International. I may take IO this semester as well. I will also likely be participating in the Bils/Chang macro reading seminar, which isn't a part of any field.

No midterms at all, but I am on the hook for five or six presentations in the range of 45 minutes per, so there's lots of chances to come hear me speak if you're so inclined. :P