Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why does the NHL prefer Phoenix to Hamilton?

Dunno. The court filings say because it "unreasonably restrains competition in violation of the antitrust laws".

Can't say I buy that. Moving a team from a monopoly position in Phoenix to compete with the Leafs hardly sounds anticompetitive. In fact, I have no idea how antitrust laws even come into play here, because it's all the same league. Do the Leafs have that much sway in the overall league?

Presumably the NHL has got to like the fact that a team in Hamilton probably wouldn't lose the $20 million the Coyotes lose. The only thing that I can think of is a continued effort to grow the game south of the border would be helped by the Coyotes staying put. Am I missing something?


Anonymous said...

Watching Canucks play with the lead is paint drying. Watching the refs let obstruction go, preventing hits and scoring, and letting "hack-a-Hav" defense go on...listening to CBC commentators explain how exciting this 14 shot performance is... When I lived in Vancouver they were an exciting team that was only a selfless player and a non-AHL goalie from Cup.

Bettman is going down with his USA southern market ship (still hopes for $TV contract$ despite recession). They also want more lucrative expansion money. USA owners are being saved by flight-to-quality. If Basaillie is patient he can have his pick but he invented electronic crack cocaine so up to him.

Phillip Huggan said...

was me. Jets are a strong dollar and grain commodity bubble away from being reborn (assuming CEOs don't take on too much debt). And next time we won't start Tabaracci. Shame CBC isn't showing Teemu and Carlyle's forces fend off 14 shot a period attack. Two most physical teams left too.

Andrew said...

I'd settle for any hockey at all. No television and can't find it on the internet.