Friday, May 8, 2009


Leading off, solid labour force news. Can I be one of the cool bloggers and say "green shoots" as well?

Freakonomics asks how to optimally divide the rent of a shared house and proposes some rather uneconomic methods, when a Rochester student already figured out this problem for his job market paper. Paper here. (He went to Texas A&M.)

EnvEcon reiterates the point that debating carbon tax versus cap-and-trade isn't that important relative to implementing either over a much-less-desirable policy. I had a New Years' resolution not to nitpick at the differences.

Rats more rational than humans. What you wouldn't expect is that William Easterly starts from there to segue into a warning about the dangers of data mining. I, for one, cannot explain why there should not be a standard algorithm for tackling any econometric problem.

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