Saturday, April 11, 2009


Given that there are only three micro classes left before finals, even I can calculate that blogging has negative expected value. I want to put a post up at Macleans about some of the fraternity hijinks I've seen with the nice weather breaking out, particularly a bunch of drunken guys hitting tennis balls off beer bottles with sand wedges. Security didn't let that go for long, to be fair.

Lost the basketball match to the profs 17-11 in a forty-minute game. Yes, we're collectively that bad - and it's a heck of a lot easier to play defense than offense. Hoping for revenge in volleyball on Tuesday.

Had to read a 2009 working paper for macro, feels good to be that current. Returning to MWG to finish micro, feels like easy street. Metrics remains the letdown, but I'll supplement that with the Wooldridge/Imbens summer course in Toronto before the CEA conference. Just have to grind out three weeks and it's all over. Not that I have anything to do over summer. Not that that's a bad thing.


Gabriel said...

Given everything you're taken so far, I'm pretty confident that you can skim through Greene on your own and figure out what you didn't get in your class. You might also benefit from this:

Over the Summer you should start work on your 2nd year paper (if your program asks for one), duh!

I'll try to solve and estimate a non-trivial (in terms of strcuture and shocks) DSGE model. To hell with that the haters have to say about them! (Also, estimate a plain VAR to bad those IRFs as benchmarks.)

Stackelberg said...
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Andrew said...

We do a third-year paper, not a second-year, unless you're ambitious enough to take a workshop course for credit before passing qualifiers.

I kinda want a measure-theoretic treatment of metrics, we'll see. I may even take the second-year metrics sequence.