Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fourth-quarter macro

After a disappointing eight weeks wrangling with business cycle models that were predominately conceptualized before I was born (King/Plosser/Rebelo, Hansen/Rogerson indivisible labour, etc), the final stretch of macro is looking pretty good. Subdivides into labour market frictions, financial frictions, and growth. The latter uses Acemoglu's new textbook, the former two are based on much more modern papers than the business cycles bit. So far we've gone through Mortensen/Pissarides in considerable detail. I enjoy it.

Also, the prospective first-years will be visiting campus tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. Free food on the department dime, reminder that it will be summer soon, etc.

I promise a post with some content soon~!


Gabriel said...

Like MP? Skim this for depression...

Gabriel said...

P.S. Your macro class sounds awesome!