Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Forever ain't what it used to be

It is obvious that capitalism is broken. And this new mood shows that the shock of ever-rising unemployment, ever-falling GDP, and crashing property and stock values is finally starting...

Written by some guy at the CBC.

Okay, I feel compelled to point out the facts.
1. Unemployment has been rising for all of 12 months.
2. GDP has been falling for about six months.

Neither of these constitute anything close to 'forever'. Even at my age I know this.

Similarly, there's nothing to the claim that capitalism is broken. I'm not sure what it means to break a concept. And even if it's not perfect - and made less so with things like government mucking with deductible mortgage interest - it still remains the only vehicle in town whose engine can turn over.

Also, as a metric of what the reading population believes:
Capitalism itself is not broken at all. It breaks down as a result of the unintended consequences that get unleashed when governments interfere.

That comment has received 14 negative votes and zero positive ones.


Curtis said...

Like blaming love when you get dumped...

Andrew said...

I'll have to take your word on that. Nice to see some comment action, it's been kind of dead recently, though that's my fault, really.