Thursday, March 19, 2009

Environmental fact of the day

Since at least 1307, when King Edward I banned the burning of coal to protect his citizens’ “bodily health,” governments have regulated the release of pollution into the air.

Here's the paper. Upon reading this, I immediately thought that the Romans. must've had something to this effect, but I can't turn up anything on google, and pieces like this suggest there simply may not have been.

Also joined the local NCAA pools that have circulating in the econoblogosphere. I was 97.4 percentile last year, despite having never watched a televised basketball game, mainly by overwhelmingly playing the higher seeds.

I will also be representing the graduate students in basketball as the annual spring sports contests kick off here in Rochester. Profs versus students, basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, american football. The betting odds are on the professors.

EDIT: We've finally managed to bump wikipedia from the first google result on 'stackelberg follower'! Thanks everyone.

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Stephen Gordon said...

I remember my supervisor being dismayed when the grad students beat the profs in the annual softball game: "I don't get it. We're bigger than you, stronger than you, and a whole lot smarter than you!"