Saturday, February 7, 2009


Given some of the unwarranted bashing of Rochester over at the econjobrumours board, I feel compelled to say that if anyone looking around at what programs to apply to or with an admission in hand (expect them soon) would like information on the program, I'm more than happy to talk to you. Send me an email. No, we're probably not top-20 in terms of research output anymore. Yes, many people don't like the weather (some love it), and it kinda is in the middle of nowhere. Relatively speaking, I guess. St. John's way moreso, of course.

But there are lots of good things going on here.


Anonymous said...

Like what?

Andrew said...

Lots of young ambitious profs who are comfortable leaving their door open, solid if not excellent training in micro and macro, good place to work, congenial department, very good student funding, little-to zilch TA work.

Anonymous said...

Good funding means what? And micro/macro means theory?

Stackelberg said...

I'd say about a quarter of the entering class gets 24k for five years, half gets 16k, the rest are on some combination of external funding and department funding, e.g. central banks, Fulbright, etc. And the cost of living here is low. The TA requirement for any department money is 7 hours/week from year 3 onward. You can opt out if desired, but it'll cost you a few thousand.

Micro is theory, macro is not theory.