Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hard to Take Seriously?

The Globe interviews Harvard economic historian Niall Ferguson on the financial mess.
It's a sign you've made it when you get to make up words like "Chimerica" and people don't laugh. No, really, read it. He says 'Chimerica' repeatedly.

Yes, we're all willing to admit that there are serious global imbalances between saver and debtor countries. But academic scholarship on the fiscal crisis should not revolve around patenting sound bites. The only definition of 'Chimerica' we get is 'the fusion of America and China', which is trite, to say the least, and in my eyes really detracts from whatever points he's making, many of which I agree with.

The resident Rochester economic historian is coincidentally on leave at Harvard this term. I've heard Rochester has also extended an offer to Pricila Maziero, of Minnesota, for a junior faculty position. There may be other offers out I'm not cognizant of.

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