Sunday, February 15, 2009


I've been a subscriber to slashdot for about a year. I hold no pretensions of being a techie, but the news is interesting, sometimes. However, it's a little frustrating how blind they are when it comes to anything they love, e.g. the internet, free and open source software, etc. For example, there's a post up today implying how great it would be if some federal authority stepped in and banned DRM.

This is, of course, wrongheaded. If you do not want a product that contains DRM, do not purchase it. Problem solved...well, not really, because then we have piracy issues and perhaps the intellectual property gives one firm a monopoly. But you can see how the market has been able to work toward the non-DRM solution, see for example the plethora of online music retailers where DRM-free tracks are available. It's still a very messy subject, but it's a very new market, too.

A closely related debate is the net neutrality bit, which I've blogged about repeatedly. Not that this is the only sphere where this sort of thing crops up.

EDIT: Today I learned that the city of Rochester has an 11pm curfew for "being on the streets" for youth under 16. Huh.

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