Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crucial Pedagogy

We covered Nash's Theorem today, via the original proof and a modern proof.

I can now say with utmost authority that the scene in A Beautiful Mind where he proposes a flirting strategy to his fellow doctoral students is not a Nash equilibrium.


Nick Rowe said...

I thought the message from the film is that JN was saying that the NE flirting strategy (all flirt with cute) was not PO, and JN was proposing they have an agreement to not play Nash strategies. But I may misremember the film (or be otherwise muddled).

Matt Nolan said...

The flirting strategy wasn't a best response though - unless all the other girls are unwilling to go near you as soon as one of your friends goes for the blonde. As a result, it wasn't the Nash eqm of the game.

In truth the game would have had a mixed strategy eqm methinks

BSF said...

But there's always a hitch: