Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stupid Marketing Idea of the Day

"Lexus has announced plans to send targeted messages to buyers of its cars based on the buyer's zip code and vehicle type. Unlike regular spam, these messages will be delivered directly to the buyer's vehicle, and will play to the vehicle's occupants as audio. Lexus has promised to make the messages relevant to the car buyers."

From Slashdot. Can you think of a better reason to not buy a car? These are luxury vehicles. I can see trying to stuff this into a low-end car that's being sold on basis of one thing, low sticker price, but wow.

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Stephen Gordon said...

Holy crap. Why would they think that people who have the wherewithal to buy luxury cars would pay extra to listen to spam?

Maybe it's a form of extortion, like the protection racket: "You look like a prosperous fellow, one who doesn't want to have to listen to inane advertising from your car. I've got good news for you: if you buy this option, we can make those ads disappear."