Friday, January 16, 2009


Thanks for visiting, everyone. I know the sitemeter is inaccurate, particularly because RSS feeds are a truly wonderful thing (and I started counting four months late), but I have to celebrate something. I've recorded visits from 82 countries. (Why am I relatively popular in Australia and Colombia?) Thanks also for all the comments. I read them all, but sometimes I'm hesitant to open the email and it takes me awhile to work up the nerve.

Anyway, if you think there's something I do well or something you'd like to hear more about that I may be qualified to comment on, please let me know. I'm often stuck for topics myself.

POSTSCRIPT: In case you're wondering, the google ads have returned, in fifteen months or so, about enough for a meal at Tim's. Were there one easily accessible. About $0.50/click, though, so I can see how some people can really monetize traffic. You now know why they're everywhere.

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Shock Minus Control said...

That's funny - I get hits from bizarre places as well - Indonesia, Portugal, Ukraine.