Monday, December 22, 2008

Project Sundaram

Given just how rusty I was at the start of term, I've begun writing a set of solutions to Sundaram's book, A First Course in Optimization Theory, in order to stave off rust over Christmas. It's a book I particularly like and could be taught at the advanced undergraduate level. Here at Rochester, we covered it in about two months. The link to the book and to solutions for the second chapter (.pdf and .tex) I tackled are on the sidebar. I've also linked some other books I like.

Expect frequent blogging, your correspondent had his flight cancelled yesterday evening and will be spending a couple of boring days here in Rochester.

UPDATE: On the subject of books, this looks interesting, but it seems it's at a decidedly undergraduate level.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have an assignment from the following book due in 2 days.. may I know where to get the solutions just for the First Chapter: Mathematical Preliminaries? Please??