Monday, November 3, 2008

Job Market Season

Rochester has nine candidates on the job market this season. Frankly, I'm not qualified to judge which ones have the best shot at good placements. But I can give you a taste of what the program is spitting out. Each candidate has two or three fields of expertise attached, here's how it breaks down.

-5 in labour economics
-5 in some version of microeconomics 'applied microeconomics, applied microeconomic theory, microeconomic theory', etc
-4 in macroeconomics

After that we're down to singletons, which I won't bother to list. Labour is obviously good here these days, game theory is also pretty good. Ron Jones is the only person here for international, I believe - a number of this year's graduates wrote field exams in international, but nobody stuck with it, perhaps because they couldn't find someone to work with. Nobody listing monetary, either. Anyway, there you have it. We had someone go to Northwestern last year, but he had an Econometrica paper under his belt, I don't think we'll be able to repeat that feat.

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