Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stories From the Front Lines

Metrics midterm this morning. Five minutes in, half the class (myself included) realizes the first problem is wrong - the given pdf isn't actually a pdf; the multiple integral evaluates to 0.8. Professor didn't stick around to spectate and didn't return until 40 minutes in, responding by changing the pdf to what it was supposed to have been. Uproar.

Well, not really uproar. But a lot of people were shooting really evil looks.

In other news, scored 61% on the math midterm, slightly below average. I think my knowledge of the material is better than that, so I'm slightly disappointed. There were a number of people who scored less than half that, apparently. I would bet higher for 'metrics. Micro tuesday.

Other news; one of the profs is leaving for Italy. I can't say much, because I've never even seen him.

If there's any requests for syllabi, coverage, etc, let me know.

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Gabriel said...

I'm curious to see what you're doing this semester. You have my email address, right?