Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life in the Department

One of the reasons I gave up curling is that it's a very social sport. At the junior level here back in St. John's, one needs to invest substantial resources in many banal rites to prove allegiance to the team, so on and so forth.

I don't want to say it's the same here, but within the first year class, it seems to me that there's a feeling of conspiracy and competition haunting the halls. A handful of people have gotten on good terms with older students by dint of ethnicity, obtaining access to old midterms or whatnot, but they certainly don't circulate them freely. I was once offered the time and location of a group meeting to work on an assignment - in exchange for my solutions to a certain problem in a different class.

Either way, it's frustrating at times. I feel like my ability to handle the coursework has improved markedly since I've gotten here, but that I've gotten nowhere socially with most anyone.


Gabriel said...

Hint: offer sexual favors.

Andrew said...

The department is 90% male. Someone's forgetting supply and demand.

Mike Moffatt said...

Hint: offer beer.

I assume The Distillery is still alive and well?