Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Links

A Rochester dentist is organizing a candy buyback, offering to pay $1/pound for Halloween treats. Presumably the smart kids will take the junk to her and use the money to buy decent stuff. No word on whether she accepts soft drinks in large volumes - which can cost less than $1/pound.

Export Development Canada thinks the loonie will average .85 in 2009. I'd like to see a confidence interval on that. Neither they nor anyone else have any idea where the dollar will be, no more than anyone knows what the oil price will be a year from now.

Volkswagen was temporarily the world's largest company as their shares spiked to over $1600 Canadian as hedge funds needed to cover shorts betting that the Porsche buyout would fail. The historical range is less than three digits.

On the technological front, Codeweavers is giving away all their software for free today due to the fall in gas prices. They make compatibility software for Mac/Linux boxes who want to run Windows apps.

And finally, I have a new web browser.

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