Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Canadian Election

Ten minutes between completing a problem set and going to bed. Election commentary, here goes.

I voted for the Conservatives the last time around because I figured that Canada is happy enough with its social policy that we won't see much change there regardless of who gets in, so I'll let it ride on fiscal policy and the harder issues. The reward was dumb tax cut after dumb tax cut and command-and-control legislation with respect to CO2. I supported the cuts in arts funding, but it's not something I'd vote on.

The NDP are promising to mandate all prime-time television be Canadian content. TV isn't something I've ever been big on, especially these days, but I find this downright offensive. Economically, they're against corporate tax cuts, want to throw money at auto plants, believe in "price gouging", etc, etc, etc. Voting for these people is equivalent to a book-burning of economics texts.

Skipping over the Bloc to the Greens, I still think they're a bit too loony to be a real alternative. I remember their 2006 platform contained a proposal to ban chemical fertilizers. They advocate "regional self-sufficiency" in food. If this ever did happen - it won't - Newfoundlanders better brace for the return of scurvy. I feel like their platform isn't serious.

Finally, the Liberals. I'm still scared of the Liberals - public daycare, giant social programs, so on and so forth. And a Liberal-NDP coalition could well be frightening. But Dion gets so much credit for supporting a carbon tax and being brave enough to not hide it from the people that it makes me think he might have what it takes to be a leader.

I guess it's a blessing that I don't have to face this decision, really.

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