Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rochester Tidbits

Customer service has been almost uniformly superb.
Food is approximately 40% cheaper than home. Household furnishings, probably 30%.
My neighbourhood is approximately 99% black. It's weird being the only caucasian in a busy supermarket.
The other white guy lives across the hall and starts his PhD in economics in two weeks. His preparation makes me feel inadequate.
I am now a member of Chase Bank. I find it hard not to think of them as JP Morgan Chase.
You need a social security number to obtain a US credit card.
I have never seen worse urban sprawl. This is truly horribly magnificent. Sidewalks are positively endangered. I am now the proud owner of an air conditioner for the first time in my life.
Farenheit, miles, ounces, and the rest of that obsolete system need to be wiped out.
I've seen one Obama sign, zero McCain.
The houses here are absolutely massive. The median house size here would be in the top 5% in St. John's.
I was awoken last night at 2am by a wedding party enjoying a bagpipe solo. Took four songs for them to shut up.

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