Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rash of Gas Station Closings

I rarely watch the local news, but happened to catch a story about how the city (of St. John's) is "suffering" from numerous closures of gas stations. Is this a function of declining demand for gas? Decreased profit margins from the provincial regulation of gas prices? With the large increase in labour income here over the last couple of years, I'm hesitant to blame decreased demand for gas station products besides gas.

If we had data on gas station closings for say the top 30 metropolitan centres in Canada, this could be a paper.


Edward G. Hollett said...


Just noticed on Water Street West, the Irving is closed and gone for good while a short way along, the North Atlantic station is expanding into an adjacent lot.

Interesting to know the reasons. it could be a peculiar situation like refineries. Even with high crude prices, refinery profit margins are down.

Anonymous said...

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