Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ECON 4999

I'm really unsure why I didn't do this before, but I've uploaded my honours thesis for anyone who cares to laugh at me. Available here, unfortunately I don't have any space on the web where I can actually host it. Apologies.

It's at best an applied development exercise. And it was written entirely by me - I never actually met/conversed/exchanged emails with my putative advisor while it was being written. At worst, well, let's just say I beat myself up regularly for not taking the chance to write a rigourous piece.

EDIT: I forgot to mention one thing I did learn: how to use LaTeX. Here are the .tex files.


Gabriel said...

What's a honors thesis? What role does it play in your system? (I'm unfamiliar with how you do things--at the undergraduate level, right?)

I'm studying LaTeX right now. Can I see the sources?

Andrew said...

An honours thesis is basically the capstone to completing a specialized degree, written at the end of the undergraduate degree. Writing the paper gives academic credit equal to one course.

The normal undergraduate degree at my university requires 12 economics courses (a 4-year program is normally 40 courses), the honours degree requires 20 economics courses, has stiffer mathematical requisites, and requires writing this honours essay.

Going to edit the main post about LaTeX after I zip and upload the sources.

Gabriel said...

So things are not so different after all.

Thank you for the sources!

Gabriel said...

I have a problem with your intro... I'm not sure it's OK to think of growth in terms of growth rates and here's why...

Some place really backwards, far away from the technology frontier will have vast opportunities to improve TFP by employing newer technologies and such.

Countries close to or on the frontier will move only when the frontier moves.

For the first group, from my humble point of view, we have to look for political economic reasons re: why they're not adopting better technologies and institutions (not only political). For the second group you want to look at endogenous growth, i.e. technological innovation.

If a nation is successful (and therefore approaches the frontier), you'd expect it rate of growth to decrease (since there is less and less in terms of a free TFP lunch).