Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5000 (almost!)

Well, close enough. Jumping the gun a little bit. Anyway, time to clearly elucidate what's going on with this space, given my newfound blogging territory over at Macleans.

What I plan to keep here is basically in three categories.
1. Really technical stuff, not that I do much of this anyway - but you'll likely see some as classes start on August 18.
2. 'Blogging the program' - textbooks, material covered in lectures, and anything that specifically deals with Rochester.
3. Newfoundland-centric material.

Anything else you'll probably find over at Macleans. Or just read both spaces for a bit until you figure out if you want to keep tabs on either of them. Of course, subject to change without notice, but I find it reassuring to have a plan. Either way, blogging will be light in the future as I keep packing up - leaving bring and early August 1. As always, thanks for reading.

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