Friday, June 27, 2008

Morning Roundup

Well, growth in wages continues to be robust, including in the manufacturing sector. Of course, layoffs can promote wage growth because typically those with less seniority/lower marginal product/lower wage tend to be the first to hit the streets.

Tourism remains solid, though mostly as a function of the world getting smaller - fewer internationals and more domestic tourists.

Japanese inflation hit new highs. Unlike Canada, Japan doesn't get anything out of higher commodity/food prices, placing their central bank in a tighter spot. And 1.5% CPI inflation isn't quite the end of the world.

UPDATE: Making deserved fun of the Green Party's green plan. The two most egregious sins are (a) it never actually tells you by how much they're going to tax carbon and (b) everyone finds themselves with more money at the end of the day, somehow.

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Mike Moffatt said...

Thanks for the link - most appreciated!

The Green Party plan absolutely breaks my heart as I've spent many hours working for the party.

I'm getting honest-to-goodness hatemail for writing what I did - I'm glad someone liked it!