Friday, April 4, 2008

Labour Force Survey

I would be negligent in my proclaimed alternative title of being the Statistics Canada Review if I did not mention today's job numbers.

An positive increase, though one below trend, was observed, and thus entrants to the labour market pushed unemployment back to 6%. Gains were concentrated in the private sector, with losses coming among the self-employed. That's an interesting dynamic, and one I am at a loss to explain. Stochastic, maybe.

Closer to home, the unemployment rate fell 0.5% month-over-month - but the labour force shrunk by 1%, implying a substantial drop in employment. However, I've pretty much given up on labour force statistics to provide much insight into provincial affairs - Newfoundland is not the kind of economy that they're designed for.

POSTSCRIPT: Last day of classes as an undergrad. Rejoice. Going to Rochester in August, that decision is made with probability 1 - epsilon.

POST-POSTSCRIPT: The assortment of blogs I follow has been...lacking, recently. Suggestions appreciated on ones I can add to my aggregator.

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