Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Really Bad Editorials

Let's add this one to a list, if someone's keeping track.

There are some pretty unpopular assertions here.
  • Belief in a long run sloped Phillips curve.
That alone should tell you how off-base this person is. Letting inflation free does not create jobs in the long run. Short run? Doubt it, but at least there's a chair to stand on. Ten years is not the short run. But it's really a comedy of errors.

I have yet to see evidence that NAFTA caused the loss of 220,000 high-paying industrial jobs and replaced them with low-paying ones, as asserted. I don't know why 'labour flexibility' is a bad thing. I'm unsure why rescuing the country from bankruptcy in the 1990s was so bad. I think the "gutting" of welfare in the 1990s did great things for work incentives and budgets. I have no idea why he thinks we should be stockpiling oil when we can sell what we don't need at market price.

Really, I could dissect this at considerable length, but it's too much effort for too little work. Either way, the Globe should have better standards on what it prints.

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