Monday, March 10, 2008

Distributions of PhDs

Someone was kind enough to compile faculty listings for the top 25 US departments of economics. It contains about 80% of total faculty in these schools, and contains data on their CV - you can sort by articles published in top journals. Available here. Current as of last summer.

19 of them have Rochester PhDs. 28 from Minnesota - but that's in favour of Rochester, once you control for the number of students at each of those schools. I'm counting 5 from UBC, 3 from UWO, and 1 from Queen's. Toronto bats nil. That being said, I don't think my career goals include a position at a top school in the US, but more options are better than fewer.

There's also a listing of Columbia admits. The only Canadian let in is actually an Israeli - been talking to the guy. A poor year for Canucks seeking fancy degrees down south? UWO had someone place into Princeton last year straight out of undergrad, if I recall. You'd think Mundell would attract Canadians?

Oh, and admitted at UBC. MA with a TA position worth ~$6.5k after tuition. I remain stuck in a cost-benefit calculation about taking a master's and reapplying next year, but it's hard to turn down what I have now, and I don't know how much my chances would improve for a substantially better admit.

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