Friday, February 22, 2008

Government Advertising

I might be the only one, but has anyone else noticed a recent surfeit of government-sponsored ads saying that "a great work experience abroad might be closer than you think"? Seems to be encouraging people to seek work opportunities overseas.

What's the rationale? We don't have surplus labour, and these ads aren't free. Maybe they think there will be a high rate of return to Canada, with accompanying spillovers? Who knows. Personally, I'd axe the program.

NOTE: The ad in question has kind of a sing-song tone; "this could be your friday night....and your monday morning". I'd be indebted for a video link.

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Angela L. said...

I've seen the ad... and I *LOVE* it! I lived & worked overseas for 10 years but recently moved back to Canada, and the ad gives me itchy feet again... makes me yearn to go overseas.

I've been looking for a clip of the commercial as well, but as far as I know it's not up on youtube. The URL they give on the commercial is: