Monday, February 4, 2008


Yet another economics blog steals my colour scheme. (Full disclosure: Unknown to me at the time of founding, the Bayesian Heresy was before me, and maybe there are others.) Seriously, people. C'mon. This one, however, is Canadian.

Of course, this one was also recommended by Marginal Revolution, so I'm sure it's now the most famous Canadian economics blog in the world.

Short review: Could use more economics and a bit more rigour. I doubt it'll make the sidebar. I heartily encourage more Canadian content, though, even if I do loathe the CRTC.

UPDATE: I've also pruned the sidebar.


Tony Trepanier said...

First of all, the colour scheme..not giving it up. I dig the green and blue. I agree my blog could use a bit more rigour, but this requires more deep analysis than I have time for. This being said, your blog is great, your content shows that you obviously have more IQ and/or time than I do. As for more economics, I admit I can do better, as long as it doesn't come at the expense of Jimmy Buffett videos.

R. said...

you'll be pleased to see i have an entirely different standard template