Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ECON 4999

For those in the know, Economics 4999 designates the undergraduate honours' essay in economics at Memorial. I plan to use this space to share any insights I gain from my scintillating psuedo-research and keep myself on track. Thus, this will likely be a continuing series, to some degree.

Basically, the plan is economic growth in Newfoundland. This consists of two parts. One, econometrics applied to the GDP time series for the province, two, application of the Rodrik/Hausmann/Velasquez 'growth diagnostics' approach. Original paper here, blog entry here.

Yes, this is an econoblogosphere-inspired honours' project. Anyway, I'm in the process of sketching the outline and learning the requisite mathematics, namely optimal control theory - my third macro course was completely discrete time and dynamic programming (used Romer), so this continuous optimization thing is new.

NOTE: For those of you wondering where my promised Christmas paper is, it's under development. Typesetting a paper in LaTeX necessitates actually learning LaTeX, which made it slow going at first, and motivation is hard to come by over the holidays.

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