Monday, October 8, 2007


Blogging about Zimbabwe is a guilty pleasure, kinda like watching Lucky Star or shooting fish in a barrel. However, as this is Thanksgiving, this seems particularly apt:
My wife and I decided to spoil ourselves on our 25th wedding anniversary and delighted that some restaurants had food available, we set off for the CBD and began to relax in a comfortable establishment (it would not be wise to mention the name of the restaurant due to the current persecution of business people).

The manager on duty was aware of the reason for our celebration and disappeared into the kitchen to return to our table and whisper that he had some pieces of meat for us.

We gleefully accepted his offer and he personally served a sizzling steak but completely covered with lettuce.

He softly told us none of the other guests must see what you are eating.

I once again recommend Sokwanele for news about Zimbabwe.

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