Thursday, October 4, 2007


Stackelberg Follower will shamelessly waste the recent publicity boost from The Worthwhile Canadian Iniative, as I am hoping to make myself scarcer on the internet following a second, quite disappointing, assignment mark in Analysis III. This mark actually holds the distinction for 'worst mark ever recieved on evaluation worth more than 0.5% of a course'. I won't be gone, just don't expect three posts a day.

As an economist, it gets harder every day to keep up with the mathematicians.

ANECDOTE: Since we're being personal today, I am astounded by just how educated the people I went to high school with are today. From the forty-ish people that went through French Immersion and/or AP Math with me, I count two people applying to doctoral programs, three people applying to medical programs, two applying to law programs, another couple of pharmacists, a journalist who already has a succesful career, plus all sorts of master's candidates. I haven't even kept in touch with most of these people. Not bad for Newfoundland.

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