Monday, October 1, 2007

Outrage Spreads

Even Penny Arcade has picked up on the current pricing disequilibria between Canada and our southern neighbours:
I will tell you this much: Canadian Gamers as a whole are pretty much getting boned at the moment, and boned thoroughly, by the exchange rate. The bone may need to be surgically removed. Canadian Dollars (called "poutines") are at par with US currency, but their games cost ten dollars more. Ten whole Goddamned dollars. The reason I make a point of it is that when I put a mere sixty dollars down on a game, I already feel as though I've been robbed at gunpoint. I have no idea how the gentle Canadian must feel about this state of affairs, where the dark analogies might travel from there. I assume they run their hands slowly along their, slowly looking for the tell-tale signs of organ removal.

I figured that one may not have made it onto your content aggregator.

On a different topic, my personal outrage has subsided now that the Ontario conservatives have backed down on funding all religious schools from public money. This is little progress, however, since it was unpopular (thankfully), and more importantly, Catholic schools are already funded by government.

Mr. Tory had something right when he said the government should level the religious playing field. But that means no funding to any religion, not funding them all.

Finally, I am disappointed (but perhaps not outraged) at the turnout to Memorial's graduate fair. Queen's was the eminent attendee. I was sad that UBC or Toronto didn't put in an appearance.

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