Monday, October 15, 2007


Bloomberg tells us what any news source would today: Hurwicz, Maskin, and Myerson for the Nobel.

I have not read a paper by any of these people, so I'm not qualified to comment. The blogosphere seems to be focusing on Maskin, though, from a cursory glance.

Either way, Dixit will have to wait. The only real point I want to make is that I think the trend of awarding Nobels to multiple people is getting out of hand. Pick an individual and be done with it, barring very substantial and relevant coauthorship.

ANECDOTE: The article says that only one economics laureate is from Canada. Wikipedia disagrees. I'd resolve this conflict if I didn't have class.


Matt Nolan said...

I'm stoked Maskin won. However, I'm concerned that since Maskin one, they won't think of giving one to Tirole for a while.

I love the dynamic oligopoly stuff they did together :)

Andrew said...

Just not my area.

Tirole is young, though, he's got time.