Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Intellectual Imbalance

This is moreso an odd tidbit, but as an individual, I am full of policy ideas for the nation as a whole. Dozens of them.

But as a Newfoundlander - even with an election this week - I still can't muster up more than a few drabbles about what needs doing here at home.

I'm not sure whether this reflects the good times in the capital - the unemployment rate, after all, is less than that of Toronto - or the hopelessness of doing anything about rural Newfoundland.

I have yet to hear a cognet argument that any substantial part of rural Newfoundland can be saved. The only reason that anyone went out there in the first place is because there were fish. In some cases, a few prime trees were cut. That's it. There's nothing else.

The fish are all gone, and half the province has been hanging on to a dream that's passed. I seriously don't know if a technical solution exists.

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