Friday, September 14, 2007


I have an assignment on gauges that's staring me in the face, one that I really should look at before class, but let me first reference this:
Manga, anime and video game-related stocks made a noticeable rise on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Wednesday, after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his resignation. The sudden rise can be attributed to expectations that the self-proclaimed manga and anime fan Aso Taro, currently the Liberal Democratic Party’s Secretary General, will succeed Abe as Japan’s next prime minister...
Among the stocks that rose on Wednesday is the Tokyo-based card game company “Broccoli,” whose stocks went up from 92 yen to 157 yen, a 71% rise.
Aso Taro’s interest for manga is well-known, and claimed in a 2003 interview that he read some 10-20 manga publications a week. Taro also established the International Manga Prize in 2007, for non-Japanese manga authors. He received some headlines ahead of the French presidential election this year for recommending Segolene Royal to read more manga, after she had criticized it for being violent and pornographic.

I am amused! For those unaware, reading 10-20 publications is no mean feat. It takes me a good hour, if not more, to read one. Personally, I don't particularly enjoy them, though.

One wonders if there's something behind the market movements besides general excitment. Perhaps manga will start being distributed as part of Japanese foreign aid?

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