Friday, September 14, 2007

Today's Globe

If you live in Canada, make a point to read today's Globe & Mail. They're not always perfect, but today's issue was definitely one of the better ones I can recall. Some tidbits.

1) China surpassed Canada in feeding imports to the United States, ferrying $312.2b between August 1, 2006 and July 31, 2007, while Canada sold $305.6b over the same period. Figures in USD.

2) The CN tower, standing 553m, lost it's hold as the world's tallest freestanding structure as construction crews working on the Burj Dubai hit 555m yesterday.

3) The OECD (the holy grail for Canadian public policy - trust me, I worked there {the latter, not the former}) has come on record as declaring biofuels - notably ethanol, of which corn ethanol is the worst - to be bad.
...[biofuels] offer a cure worse than the disease they seek to heal...[governments should] cease to create new mandates for biofuels and investigate new ways to phase them out."

4) Tim Hortons, my preferred national icon, is hooking up with Wal-mart to place coffee shops in their stores. Does this presage further US expansion? If you live south of 49, hope so. Related: McDonald's coffee ranked better than Starbucks. I'd believe it.

I apologize for not providing links, but I do have (some) constraints.


Stephen Gordon said...

Now, you'd figure that Tim Horton's would have done a deal with Canadian Tire instead, wouldn't you?

Andrew said...

That just seems...right, somehow, but my suspicion is that Tim's already has a very large share of the Canadian Tire market. A lower percentage of Wal-Mart customers probably frequent Hortons.