Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Term Research & Grad Applications

Plans are for two term papers this fall, tentatively on how medical/hospital innovation is affected by how the health system is financed, and on the Newfoundland mining industry, in a historical/sustainable development context.

Neither topic is dear to my heart (or brain, as it were), but economics is a wide-ranging science full of good questions to be asked. Besides, it's not like my future specialities are fixed yet. Graduate studies are likely to be sufficiently differentiated from undergrad so as to reorient my preferences. (Yes, I know how lame it is to explain things through changes in tastes. Go away.)

I've also started the path to grad school by filling in the pre-application for Queen's. Right now, looks like I'll also apply to Toronto and Minnesota. UBC, Western, and some American reaches (Princeton, Yale), also look like possibilities. The strategy is only to apply to Ph.D programs I would consider 'reaches' - those that are a bit of a longshot, since I assume an MA improves my profile, and I place a substantial amount of value on the perceived ranking of my doctoral school.

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