Thursday, September 6, 2007


From one of my math profs this morning:
At some point, we're just going to scrap the Riemann integral at the undergraduate level. Replace it with something better.

I am apparently out of touch with the mathematics journals. Of course, I do approve of advancing the curriculum on a regular basis. I don't know enough math to evaluate the implications of this. Note to self: Take that course on Lebesgue integration next term.

ANECDOTE: On a related note, this is the first class I've been in where it feels as if I'm below the median.

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Stephen Gordon said...

Unless you're planning to be a really hard-core math jock, measure theory is a waste of time for economists. I sat in on a course during grad school and took copious notes - because that's what you do in grad school.

Those notes are still in my office, some twenty years later, and I've never had occasion to look at them. It turns out that if spend you life in R^n, all that stuff just doesn't matter.