Sunday, September 16, 2007

On...English Language Techniques and Parity

Not much to say this weekend. Turning 21 and whatnot has kept me busy, plus a math assignment that lasted till friday midnight. As typical of friday nights, the resident monetary prof was still there when I left at 12:20am or something stupid. There's a certain respect garnered at that point, especially considering all the other profs and grad students are gone by 4. It was an excellent assignment, though.

Anyway, resident english majors can feel free to correct me, but the...simile? metaphor? personification? embodied in headlines like this has always driven me nuts:

"Economists gird for parity as dollar tops 97 cents."

Does reaching parity hospitalize economists with chest pains? Are we going to have to break out the Tylenol? Is some disembodied hand going to punch all those who said the dollar at 64 cents was going straight down?

More importantly, does reaching parity actually constitute anything significant that's not derived from psychological effects? Are we going to see retailers radically reorient their pricing schemes as the dollar moves the remaining three cents? (I wish. I'd stop my book boycott.)

Anyway, fewer sensational headlines, either about the imagined physical distress the dismal science suffers from reaching round numbers, or the imagined impact reaching those round numbers will have.

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