Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Health Care Proposal

Okay, this is an idea I had this afternoon whilst daydreaming about health policy. In my defense, I was in 'Economics of Health Care'.

Let's rewrite the whole national insurance system such that all health care purchases are co-financed by the user. Let's also scale this by total health care expenditure. For example, the user pays 100% of the first $1000, 80% of $1k-$5k, 50% of 5k-10k, etc. I have not cruched the numbers. An acceptable mix of numbers/included services must exist for any health budget of your choice, though.

Combine this with a health voucher mailed to all citizens, scaled on income, like the GST rebate. A lump sum gets mailed out once every year, though households making a certain amount lose everything. Say payment = 5000(1 -(household income / 50000)). Subtract $10,000 off one's household income for each kid.

Let all health-care service providers go private. There, finished.

I'm sure there's a number of gaping holes, but it instinctually appeals to me. Thoughts?

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