Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adjustment to Equilibria

Seriously, I should change the name of this place to 'Andrew's Globe Review' or something. Despite all the news sources and blogs in my aggregator, the Globe is the one that always piques my interest. Two short tidbits.

A TD study confirms what I've been saying for years (albeit not in this space), arguing that the gender wage differential is just part of an adjustment towards equilibrium, and not because of any male conspiracy against the other half of the world. Now if we can just make the Women's Studies department listen. Fat chance.

A class action lawsuit against Canadian car manufacturers for allegedly colluding to keep prices up, even as the Canadian dollar appreciated. The sentiment is nice, but I seriously doubt there's anything here besides the fact that markets don't adjust instanteously to shocks. (Especially when prices are set only once each model year by the manufacturers.)

Memo to world: The speed of light is faster than the speed of markets.

EDIT: What news sources/blogs should I be reading?

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