Thursday, August 2, 2007

Reading Challenge VIII

A short one today. The energies to blog aren't here, and there was a long lunch meet with the Deputy Minister. (That sounds like my position is more than it is. I assure you it's not.)

Today's selection: The International Trade Regime in Fish Products.

Digression: It's hard to convince people your economics program has merit when only one professor maintains a web page with posted research.

Commentary: As a Newfoundlander, I have some sort of innate duty to learn about the fishery. This paper (political economy-esque) contributes.

The basic thrust is "this is what the huge subsidies in the fishery do" (in basic terms, there's no fancy assignation of numbers) and "here's Canada's stand on fishery trade".

A little disappointed with this. It's dated, too.

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