Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Productivity in North America

Statscan releases a new study analyzing the growth in labour productivity in Canada and the US.

To my interpretation, it says that the US has grown much faster than Canada, because Canadian growth is based on capital intensity (which to my mind, isn't labour productivity growth at all), while the US has relied more strongly on MFP, which is "real" productivity growth.

Continuing the reading of the paper, maybe it's just better to dismiss it outright. E.g. the assertion that Canadian real GDP growth was 3.8% annually over the last ten years... That seems, uh, excessive?

ANECDOTE: Nobody knows whether 'Statistics Canada' is supposed to be abbreviated 'Statcan' or 'Statscan'. Both www.statcan.ca and www.statscan.ca are valid site addresses, and whichever one you pick initially will remain with you throughout the entirety of your site visit. How is this dilemma to be resolved?

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