Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Oil Strikes?

From the Financial Post:
[F]ive large construction unions have been given strike mandates by their members and can walk out at any time. Another two are getting close to that position. Some 30,000 workers could be involved. They are turning down pay increases that would make most Canadians cringe with envy: 24% over four years, topping up salaries that often exceed $100,000 a year. (A pipefitter or a welder earns basic pay of $44.91 an hour).
...the 24% increase offered by the oil companies barely keeps up with the province's inflation.

Actually, Alberta's inflation is currently at 6.3% annually, but CPI bias, etc, etc.

I suspect a PR problem could be brewing here. For reasons I don't really get, people still whine about gas prices. You tell Ontarians that Albertans are turning down 6% annual pay raises? Maybe we'll see another National Energy Program yet.

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