Friday, August 31, 2007

No Beer?!

Zimbabwe doesn't even have any beer left: (HT: theOilDrum)
“I regard the shortage of beer as the most obvious sign of a very serious malaise,” said a local teacher.
The teacher said he did not remember there ever being a shortage of beer in Zimbabwe and that this was a sign that things had gone desperately wrong in the country.
A quart, or 750ml, of lager beer costs 60,000 Zimbabwe dollars, ZWD, (4 US dollars) at retail outlets, but is now going for a minimum 200,000 ZWD on the parallel market.
People are burning millions of dollars worth of scarce fuel driving around looking for beers. We are drinking anything that is available. You tell me, what is normal about that? To me, this shortage of beers is just a sign that everything around us is crumbling.

You deprive people of their alcohol, and they get antsy. Typically, beer is one of the last things to go. Let's hope it presages the end.

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