Monday, July 23, 2007

Youtube Debate

I'm not convinced it has any merit, but still I'll provide commentary.

1) Bill Richardson accuses insurance companies of ripping people off. Let's not go back to the ridiculousness of 'price gouging'.

2) How many women are voting for Clinton because she's a woman? I'm betting a lot. Any polls on this?

3) Why is being black a race, but Hispanic an ethnicity? Is there a difference?

4) Clinton still assuming she's the lock. "When I get inagurated..."

5) $9.50 minimum wage? Hard to believe it was, what, $5.75, only a short while ago. Now that seems like a pretty large macroeconomic shock if it happens.

6) Are women still systematically disadvanted? I really find this tough to believe. I personally think that that the playing field is level.

7) Applause for gay marriage? In SC? Repeatedly? Not what I was expecting. At least Kucinich/Dodd/Richardson/Obama don't want to compel the churches to perform marriages. (Disclosure: atheist author)

8) Hillary's video was horrible.

9) Reading manga during the commercial break. Should be doing GRE prep.

10) Why it is America's responsibility to save Darfur as opposed of the UN? I don't know much about it though, so I'll leave that point there.

11) Gravel asserts America has a responsibility for global governance. Whines about insufficient time.

12) Applause. There's some economics behind the dynamics of applause, though a separate post.

13) The British of ninety years ago would provide compelling testimony as to attempts to establish law in Iraq.

14) Gravel whines again. How Presidential.

15) Universal National Service? Supporting public service? Is there a shortage of people looking for jobs in Washington?

16) I'm going to stop talking about Gravel. Too easy.

17) Anyone, regardless of race/gender/etc is taken seriously when they come with a US Senate seat - of the office of the President.

18) I want a trade question. Maybe I'll submit it to the Republican debate, but I'd have to buy a microphone. Easy cost-benefit there.

19) Dodd is getting more airtime than I expected. As much as Edwards.

20) Theoretically, one could probably get all the troops out in a month. Throw them on airplanes and torch everything left behind. The problem is contractors and whatnot. Though I really can't say.

21) Biden demonstrates his disbelief in the virtues of cost-benefit. No, you do not spend an infinite amount on saving a solitary life.

22) I didn't hear anyone but Dodd and Kucinich comment about their serving family. Not that I personally think it matters, but I do find it interesting. It's a volunteer army, ergo we have to respect people's preferences. Of course, elections are about judging someone's preferences...

23) A global warming question would also be nice.

24) I question the economics behind estimating net job creation from the passing of a tax incentive. Numbers worthless without justification.

25) Okay, I lied. Gravel whines again.

26) I need to learn about No Child Left Behind. Know nothing about it.

27) Anyone who does not take one course in calculus and one semester in statistics (or equivalent) is not prepared for public life.

28) Richardson wants a full arts program? Sculpture? Dance? Insanity.

29) Woah, Anderson didn't know whose kids were in public school.

30) Fixing dropout rates and the pre-university education system in general is obscenely important.

31) Grah, global warming. Finally. But I have a cheesecake date.

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