Thursday, July 26, 2007

To the Store!

A decision handed down by the Copyright Board as recorded in the Ottawa Citizen catches my eye.
The Copyright Board of Canada is again backing a tax on Apple Inc.'s iPod and other MP3 music players that could boost the price of the devices by almost 30 per cent.
Opponents have until Aug. 18 to ask for a judicial review of the copyright board's decision or file a Federal Court appeal.

The CPCC lobbies for levies on recordable media to compensate artists for unauthorized copying of their music. The group wants a levy of as much as $75 on an MP3 player with more than 30 gigabytes of memory.

The copyright board will seek public submissions next year on how much the levies should be, a spokesman said.

Well, maybe not quite time to replace my malfuncting iPod Shuffle (with a non-Apple product) quite yet, but I will be keeping tabs on the news.

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