Saturday, July 21, 2007

Score One

Did I not blog about this exact topic several months ago? (Hat tip: Free Exchange)

Okay, I admit I didn't exactly rip into the Harry Potter books as "being full of terrible economics", but there was certainly the implication that authors need to be more concerned about the way magic would rework basic economic assumptions.

I'm glad to know someone else shares my concerns. While I think the Guardian is a little bit too critical of Rowling's work - I don't think it ever tries to take itself as seriously as the Lord of the Rings, for example - I will proudly admit I have tried to start conversations about the economic inconsistencies in Harry Potter. Of course, nobody listened.

We could reiterate a number of those things here, but we won't. After all, we can't suck the fun out of everything.

Postscript: I remain convinced that this is a fascinating topic. My efforts at model-building such situations have yet to come to fruition, though.

Update: Check out the argument over whether the article is legit economics over at Marginal Revolution.

Update: Greg Mankiw is a fan of the books as well.

Post-postscript: I downloaded the leaked version and spent ten hours straining my eyes at the fuzzy print to read it. I finished Friday afternoon. Just so you know.

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