Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Oil Drum

Since we're on the topic of the blogosphere today, let's also mention The Oil Drum.

This is possibly the most inconsistent blog I've ever visited. Notably, the columns by one of the editors, Stuart Staniford, are positively superb reading. Insightful, complex, thorough analyses are common in his postings.

Conversely, most of the other content fails to approach the same grade. I'll concede there's a spectrum, but a number of them are borderline irrational. This post is a good example. (Yes, I concede it's not made by staff, but it was certainly vetted by them.)

It's worth looking at, briefly. The DrumBeat is a fairly good roundup of energy-related news, which is what I check it for, even when it links junk like this.

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